"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Friday, December 19, 2008

Why don't people put any thought into things like this?

I've seen some horse names that just make me wanna kill whoever named the unfortunate animals. I saw this one mare for sale and her registered name was Dry Soap. Yep. Wouldn't that just scream "Pick me!" in the show ring? Gag.

And that's not all, folks. Taco, Nosey, Wizzer, Doug. The list goes on. I thought Vic's registered name was boring. Classic Victor. Not very creative, but 100% better than Poopsie. My draft horse's dam's name is Toot's Buttercup. Can you say "ew"?

I've noticed that a hefty chunk of the horribly named horses are western. Especially Quarter Horses. They all have "Dun it" and "Bar" in their names. They make no sense to me. Can't they be more creative than that? But that's not the worst of it. I actually saw a mare for sale named Paris Hilton.

The horse was pretty enough, but that name... I can't get past it. That alone might prevent me from buying that horse. I'd be embarrassed every time they'd announce her name at shows. Some of these people need to be whacked over the noggin with a 2 x 4. There's no reason to give your horse an awful name. Put some thought into it. Their names stay with them for the rest of their lives and make huge first impressions.

For instance, if I come across a horse named Penelope, I'm immediately going to assume that her owners are dimwitted hillbillies that live in a trailer park and keep their horse in the front lawn tethered to a beer keg. Come on, people.

On the other hand, there are some names I absolutely love. Alibi, Breggo, Onyx, Tigress. Vic's dam's name is Social Charmer. Love that one. Native Dancer, Thorn Song, Picasso's Finest, Whispering Thunder, Luminaria. Those, ladies and gentleman, are names. Don't submit your horse to a lifetime of mockery. Put some thought into naming them. Your horse will thank you. :)

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  1. LOL, I just found your blog and I am enjoying reading a good portion of it. I wanted to comment on this simply because you listed "Taco" in the list of horrible names. My brother used to have a horse (a very nice one...eventually) that had the barn name of Taco. I'm not sure what his registered name was. Part of it was the fact that his sire's registered name was Lena Fajita, but also due to the fact that when he was younger, he would roll you up like a taco if you gave him half a chance. It was one of those things that just stuck. He was a super nice ranch horse, a better than decent cutting horse, and a money earning team roping horse that eventually sold for $10,000.