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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This colt is 18 months old ready to start saddle work he has been lunged , worked in creeks and lakes . He stands for clipping , trimming , shots and most other activities that need done . He has a calm attitude , with a ton of spirit . Likes a challenge . Lunges beautifully over obstacles such as cavalleties and such . Just an all around great colt will make an awesome show horse , blood lines are foundation with hall of famers through out . price is firm we are in no hurry to sell him we would rather find a show home for him as he will steal the show .

Really? A show home? And for $2,000? WTH? It's a piece of crap yearling that looks like he could easily end up smuggled into Mexico in a double decker. Shitty legs, shitty topline, shitty neck, and absolutely no ass. And this was the most flattering of the pictures. A real show stopper, right? Nobody is going to pay two grand for that mess. A kill buyer might pay 40 bucks for him, though. I guess these people win the prize for the most over-the-top-ad and the shittiest horse.

And when she says "ready to start saddle work", I hope she means just putting the saddle on his back for short intervals, not actually trying to get on him. He's not even two, for Christ's sake. I don't even think an 18 month old horse should be lunged.

But that's not all! Check out their stallion. Is it any wonder why the colt turned out so fugly? I see the family resemblence. Here's what the ad says:

Geronimoslionhawk is lethal white negative and has been producing more stud colts than fillies . Out of each mare he throws big strong foals all so far have multi- colored tails and usually manes too . all have been bomb proof and intelligent , independant foals from birth .added to his ad is this years foal . who is up for sale . geronimo is foundation bred and has many hall of famers in his lines QH as well as APha . we are proud of his production so far and even his solid born foals by two are getting unique white spots on them . Pocorose this year has a white u on her neck and a white spot the size of an adult hand on her side and is still cinnamon colored . Pahkennepeh is getiing white spots as well . so check out his new foal .out of pks mom.

I think it's pretty clear that these people are under the misguided belief that unusually-shaped spots make a horse rare or valuable. They're proudly presenting their managerie of fuglies as if they're the most special horses in the world. Of course, you know multi-colored manes and tails are soo important and amazing, too. That's good enough reason to breed them, right? So what if the stallion is completely unaccomplished and the farthest thing from breeding quality you can get!


This has nothing to do with the yak breeders, but I found this to be odd.

Thoroughbred with a Quarter Horse body


That's it? That's all you have to say about her? Is she broke? Off the track? Has she accomplished anything? What kind of rider/handler is best for her?

If that's the best thing you can say about her, I highly doubt you're going to be successful in trying to sell her. Victor and Jessie are mistaken for QH's on a regular basis. Hearty TB's aren't that unusual.

And besides that, I honestly don't think this mare looks Quarter Horsey. She looks rather ugly from the picture.

People. Come on.

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  1. Well, I guess Geronimoslionhawk is a good name for him, because he certainly looks like he's put together from a few different species...