"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I would like to know something.

How and why do the worst horse people end up with the most incredible horses? Seriously. If you're a regular on Youtube, you know what I mean.

Especially these idiot teenagers who go crashing around on horses that are worth their weight in gold. The worst part is their attitude. I think that's what makes it so aggravating.
One thing that irks me is when young riders post public videos and then tell you they don't want any advice or negative comments. Those are usually also the people who make up all these excuses as to why they're doing stupid things. It's never their fault! Of course not.

So what, they only want suck-up comments? They want the world to tell them how great they are and only tell them what they want to hear? That's not the way it works. Let me explain something.

When you post a video on the internet for the world to see, you invite any and all types of feedback. People can say whatever they want. You won't always be told what you want to be told. It's not all sunshine and butterflies, mkay? If you can't take criticism or advice, don't post your crap on the web. Or at least put it on the private setting.

And it's really fucking annoying when I hear things like, "YOU DON'T KNOW MY HORSE SO JUST STFU!!!!!"

I dare you to go to your next show and say that to the judge.

For the record, it's not how high you jump. It's how well you do it. Being able to leap over a 5-foot oxer absolutely does NOT make you a great rider-- unless you do it correctly.

I do not necessarily think these kids are bad riders. They're just green riders who are getting impatient with the basic -but essential- lower level practice and trying to pull off stunts that are way too advanced for their skill level. That is what makes them "bad riders".

But hey, there's usually no telling them that. 15 year olds know everything, right? *wink* Their personal riding instructors are the only knowledgable horse people in the world and nobody else has any right to give them tips or advice! The audacity of some people, how DARE they give their honest opinions or try to help you! Gosh.

[/end sarcasm]

It also irritates me when they say, "If I was doing it wrong, my horse would just refuse!"

Actually, no. Apparently you don't know your horse as well as you claim (and I bet you're one of the idiots who raves all day long about what a majikal "bond" you have with your horse). You see, a lot of times, animals don't show pain. Horses are particularly enigmatic in this way. They are astonishingly complaisant, especially when it comes to immature brats like you, and it's beyond me how or why they do it. Your horse is well trained and obedient, so he tolerates your foolishness when he really should kick your spoiled ass a few times and knock that attitude right out of you.

Either that or a teacher that's strict as holy hell. They'd put you in your place mighty fast.

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