"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

United Horseman and the Pro-Slaughter mess in Vegas.

Firstly, I apologize for my absence these past few months. I've been having computer issues and other stuff going on. Anyway, to the point.

United Horseman on Horse Slaughter.

Okay, seriously? First off, they lumped slaughter in with rescue and rejuvenation. WTF??? Are they TRYING to piss people off? Rescue is about as far from slaughter as it gets. Rescues are there to help horses. Slaughter, as in hitting them in the head with a captive bolt and hanging them upside down, is not helpful to the horse. Obviously. It does, however, enable breeders and irresponsible owners to make their "unwanted" horses go away.

Scroll down to the slaughter section.

"For those horses who have lived past their useful life, who are unsound, or dangerous and untrainable..."

This is a very telling statement. It shows exactly what kind of people we're dealing with. Let me translate that highlighted part:

"If you're sick of paying to feed and care for your old show horse that can no longer compete or be ridden, slaughter is a no-brainer solution."

These cretins who claim to want the best for these animals only care for them as long as they're useful. If a horse can't be ridden anymore, they're better off dead. That's exactly what that statement is saying.

Think about it: How many decent horse people would ever allow one of their horses to end up in a slaughterhouse? Good owners just do not let that happen. What good owner could stomach the idea of their beloved pet being cut up and shipped to a foreign restaurant to end up on some rich bastard's dinner plate (or in this case, United Horsemen seem to think that America will be happy to start eating horses)? How would you feel if your horse was turned into dog food?

Even if horse slaughter was humane (which will never happen), how could you stand the idea of your pet being taken away and killed, butchered, packaged, and sold for food? Is that not mortifying as all hell?

Horses are not food animals. Bottom line. They are pets. By pro-slaughter logic, it should be perfectly fine to start slaughtering cats and dogs. Wouldn't that go over well with the American public? Horses are exactly the same as any other pet. Ever seen a pig being ridden in a parade? Ever seen a cow in a presidential funeral? Not. Food. Animals. End of story. It's not about which animal is smarter (although you will never convince me that pigs are smarter than horses) or whether or not they have the ability to reason or any other BS that some pro-slaughter advocates spew. And it has nothing to do with which horses are better quality. A fat, shaggy, grade pony shouldn't be in a kill pen any more than a Hanoverian showjumper. A horse is a horse.

And that Horse Eater's Conference in Vegas? Way to go, Dave and Sue. You just made total dickweeds of yourselves. I hope you're happy.


  1. You have your views and pro slaughter people have theirs. Horses are personal property and one should have the right to determine what they want to do with their personal property.

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  3. Not when that 'personal property' is living and breathing. These are lives we're talking about, nothing to be taken lightly.