"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Extremely obnoxious sale ad.

GO LQQK AT THE REST THEN COME BUY THE BEST & YOU WILL KNOW WHY OUR HORSES MAY BE A LITTLE HIGHER / CAUSE THERE BETTER !!! HER PEDIGREE LINK ---------------------------------------------------- http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/red+bucks+wendy ---------------WENDY IS REALLY GENTLE , WELL BRED MARE , IN FOAL TO ZANS TOUCHDOWN SON , FOR AN 2009 FOAL / SEE STALLIONS INFO ON OUR WEB SITE AT htt://www.sldavidsonfarms.com She has been ridden by all ages , she is a great trail horse now will lead or follow , she only plow reins at this time , but is coming along on her training Quite well , This mare is the kind , sweet type that will make a great lesson mare for many years to come , she is super easy to catch and puts her own head in halter or hackamore , doesn't move when getting in the saddle or out , We haven't used a bit on her she never need one. you can ride her bare back with just a lead rope a halter , Wendy loves being groomed and not bad about baths or her feet at all . This is one that want get children hurt . We have never tried her on cattle but she is bred to know what one is , She has been jumping 12" in hand . and lead over wood platforms , tarps etc.. We are a breeding training farm and She is truly a good one , We offer a 10 day money back Guarantee Contract on all horses we sale , try asking someone else for one . we also have a half sister to her that is sorrel and is just as gentle for 900.00 her name is HOLLYS SUPER JACKIE

Wow. Read that and tell me that didn't grind your gears. First with the annoying caps, them bragging about a horse that hasn't accomplished anything and never will, and has nothing to show for her supposedly great pedigree. She's ribby and wormy-looking on top of that, not to mention the lead rope that's dragging on the ground.

It just annoys me to no end the way they claim that their horses are the best. Oh, and did I mention they claim that that mare is brindle? Yep. What a laugh. Check out their other ads. It's pretty scary.


  1. Not to mention they have an ad that they rescue, not far below their stallion ad, and a volunteers wanted ad (Of course they want free labor) and a broodmares wnated ad. These people are absolutely unbelievable!
    Watch them show up in the news one day for horse neglect, like some shirtless cowboy I can faintly remember....

  2. Yeah, no kidding.
    These people should be institutionalized.