"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Monday, March 23, 2009

I thought I'd heard them all.

People come up with the most ridiculous excuses to get rid of their pets. God almighty. I can't believe how pathetic and callous these jokers are.

Year and a half old. Neutered, litterbox trained, has not been declawed but has the soft paws covers on front. Very sweet cat and is an excellant mouser. Recently got into my sons mice and killed 3 out of 6. He will no longer leave the mouse cage alone. And my son hates him. Asking a rehoming fee of $50 to make sure he goes to a good home.

You're getting rid of your cat because he ate your son's mice? That's messed up on a number of levels.

First off, it's common knowledge that cats like to eat mousies. Ever watched Tom and Jerry? That would give you a clue. Did that little detail ever cross your mind before you bought the mice? Apparently not.

Second, it's perfectly obvious that the mice are more important to you than your cat. This is what I just can't understand. A few mice versus a cat. Mice live two or three years, live in a cage, squeak, eat, poop, and that's it. They can't compare to a cat (at least to most people). Why are you not getting rid of the mice instead?

Furthermore, your unfortunate little mouse massacre could have been avoided. I've always had at least two cats. I've also had a hamster, a gerbil, parakeets, and a bunny. Cats like to eat all those things. Not once did a cat ever harm those animals. It is not hard to keep the rodent cage away from the cats. Put it up on a dresser or shelf. Make sure the cage is secured and shut tight. You can hang a bird cage from the ceiling of you don't have a stand. Keep the cage in a room where you can shut the door. Normally, a cat won't even be able to open a cage if it's secured properly. That incident was your own damn fault.

But, if it's that big of an issue and you can't possibly keep the mice from getting eaten, I would just give them away. Either that or let them go in a field somewhere. If the kid doesn't like it, too freakin bad. I would never put a rodent before my cats. That's just messed up.


  1. This must be why I'm not having kids. I think I'd easily put the cat before the kid.

    I have four cats. I also have a hamster. One of my cats is completely fascinated by said hamster. But hamster cage is on a dresser, has a regular mesh top that locks, a second wire top that supports kitty's weight, and is in a room where the door is closed when we're not home. Voila! Responsible cat-rodent ownership!

  2. There you go. Having cats and rodents in the same house is possible! ;D

  3. I'd rather have a cat than mice, but it is cruel to release caged rodents into the wild. They dont know how to find food or evade predators, and the local mouse popluation is likley to harass them and drive them off, where the the next population will do the same.