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~Anna Sewell

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Self - taught riders?

I'm under the firm belief that horseback riding isn't something you can teach yourself. English riding, at least. I can see where one could pick up on western riding by watching and practicing.

But English is too complex. How would you know that the majority of your weight should be down in your heels and you should be supporting yourself in the saddle? How would you know if your seat is correct and you're giving proper rein and leg aids? You can't learn that stuff by watching videos on Youtube or going to a million shows. I can't imagine anybody being a halfway decent rider without any lessons.

There was a lady at my barn who had an Arabian stallion. She's a saddleseat rider and she boasted that she'd never had a lesson in her life. I never saw her ride, but I don't know how she could be that good if she's never had lessons. My farrier said he never took lessons, either. He's more of a cowboy, though. Again, never seen him ride, but I think I'd be scared to. He said he put bullriding spurs on a misbehaving horse one time. O.o

I think a lot of people don't bother with lessons. This scares me for the horse's sake. I'm sure there are people who've been riding for two weeks and decide to start barreling over oxers. Yikes.

You have to have someone teaching you. There's no ther way to do it. The noobish-looking riders featured here look like they need to go back to lunge lessons. If they've ever had any kind of instruction at all. Which I doubt.

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