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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is there anything right with this ad?

I hate it when people talk up their mediocre-quality horses and make them sound like more than they are. This little gem is a perfect example of that.

Dusty is a blood bay 3 year old Irish Sport Horse gelding. Dusty is sired by the Elite Hanoverian stallion named Gold Luck, who has been top-listed in the USEF Dressage Sires List for years. Gold Luck is sired by the legendary Grand Prix Dressage stallion named Grundstein. Dusty's dam is Ashley Whisper Waddilove, an Irish Draught mare imported from England. Ashley placed 4th in the 2 year old IDSH class at the 2001 Midlands Irish Draught Show in Southam, England. Ashley is sired by the TB steeplechaser Mr Waddilove. Ashley's dam's sire is the Irish Draught stallion named Diamond Jake who was a Grade B showjumper and foxhunter in the UK, and represented Great Britain in the Young Riders Showjumping Team. Dusty is a beautiful, brave and flashy horse. He is very friendly, highly trainable, and intelligent. He has good feet and bone. Dusty has a great attitude, nice conformation, fantastic movement and superb quality. Dusty has 3 elastic gaits with lots of suspension. He has an excellent temperament. He should mature 16.1+h (Dam 16.2h & sire 16.1h). He ties, bathes, blankets, fly sprays,loads, and is good for the farrier/vet. He is UTD on vaccinations, deworming, and farrier. He is presently being started under saddle.

Things that I find wrong with this:

1) They're talking about the colt's pedigree more than the actual colt. It makes it even worse when he clearly doesn't look the part and no one cares about the pedigree when the colt has nothing to show for it. I see an ewe neck, sickle hocks, and cruddy pasterns. Not to mention the lack of muscle. This horse is worth nowhere near $15,000.

2) They have him listed as an Irish Draft. If his sire is a Hanoverian, he's not an Irish Draft. He's a cross. A mutt, so to speak.

3) They're advertising him as an "Irish sporthorse". A horse isn't a sporthorse unless he actually competes. And I have no idea what an Irish sporthorse is. Hanoverians originated in Germany, so what makes this colt an "Irish sporthorse"? Could you just as easily call him a "German sporthorse"? He's only half ID, so I have no idea why they call him that. Again, probably in an attempt to make him sound sooper speshul.

4) A horse can't have a blaze, and a star, and a snip. It sounds like they're really trying to make him sound unique and amazing. What he has is called a stripe. Just a plain ol' stripe. You would know that if you ever picked up one of those 3rd grade level horse care books from the school library.

I hope anyone in the market for a horse that has 15 grand laying around is educated enough to see the faults here. You can go to just about any auction or feedlot and find better horses for 200 bucks. Like this Quarter Horse colt. He's way too nice to be in a feedlot, but that's where a lot of them end up. You can find your next jumping prospect at an auction if you know what you're looking for. Plus all the horses that are actually worth 15 grand out there. How much chance do you think they have of selling him? Exactly. *facepalm*

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