"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ur doin' it wrong!

This is kind of a piggy back off of Bad_Riding, but I have to post it. This sooper speshul trainer dude has a bunch of videos showing his ridiculous methods and less-than-decent riding. This one especially stood out to me. Check out that position. Not only was all his weight in his ass, but he was flopping around like a sack of potatoes and was too heavy on the reins. How the hell can anyone use their seat correctly when all your weight is in your ass all the time and you're leaning back on the horse's hindquarters? No wonder he has to haul back on the reins like a banshee to get the horse to stop. *sigh*

The juiciest part was the dumbass comment that almost had me gagging up my Dr. Pepper.

Hey crazyhorse,

Ignore all the other 16 girls commenting about your riding (they all went to english riding clubs with instructors telling them line up ear, hip, ankle and drop your heels). Your riding is perfectly fine. As long as you are relaxed and the horse is relaxed, who cares what position you ride!

I do ride straight up and down most of time but I have ridden like you have and I stop yelling at my kids for adopting their own style.

Everyone is different and every horse too.

Can this statement be any more ignorant? "Who cares what position you ride"? Gee, I don't know, maybe your horse? I guess this person needs to have something explained to her.

Your seat is everything. If you have no seat, you have no hand or leg, and if you have no leg, you have no seat. You go to seat, then to leg, then to hand. Always. Your seat rides the most important part of the horse: the hindquarters. Your seat is the first thing you go to when you're aiding your horse. The horse responds to the smallest shift in your weight, which is impossible when you're flopping way back behind the vertical and have no weight in your heels the whole time. Then you have the leg, and this guy's are loose as wet noodle and flopping in every conceivable direction. Your legs ride the hindquarters and ribcage. It's impossible for your horse to be balanced unless you have a firm, steady leg and you let your weight sink into your heels, which also secures your seat. Yes, our English riding ways are sooo goofy, right? It's ridiculous that we focus on being balanced and secure, isn't it?

The horse can't read this guy's seat because he has none. He stops/ slows the horse with the reins alone, which is just plain sloppy and inefficient. He isn't secure in the saddle at all, and I guarantee you if you put him in an English saddle and the horse stopped suddenly, he'd going catapulting over the horse's head.

The sheer stupidity is enough to make you bang your head against a brick wall.


  1. wow! i am NOT a pretty rider myself,(short, fat, nervous, my legs do not exactly "hang" at the sides of my also round morgan as much as look like the wings of a plane) but i do get the concept of balence and light hands. i bet that horse would be happy if he took some of those english riding lessons, okay, any lessons! and funny, i remember my western instructor teaching alignment and heels down too. good riding is not just an "english thing".

  2. Wow, that video. Wow. No words to describe it's badness. So to get my horse in shape I must ride around like an idiot with a dog that looked like it was chasing him, and just lay back, take a nap and just let the horse run around. What a true horse master. Oh goodness that comment made me want to punch my monitor. Yeah he seemed too relaxed.