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~Anna Sewell

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Little dogs = fashion accessories?

This bothers me. I think people have forgotten that dogs have pride. My sincere condolences for Paris Hilton's little gerbil-dog. What's it's name? Tinkerbell? Yeah.

Even my mother dresses up our little Papillon/Pomeranian mix. She's got her little sweaters and and even a little Halloween dress. I have to drag her away from the dog clothing section every time we go to Petsmart.

She wanted to get poor Meggie a sundress last time. Why would you put a dress on a dog? I understand putting a coat on dogs if they're sensitive to the cold, but dresses? Why?

It's a waste of money and resources. I put a stop to the dog dresses, much to Meggie's relief.

The things that bother me the most are those little bows tied to their ears. It's uncomfortable for the dog and it looks stupid.

Look at these poor critters. They've even got the standard poodle in on it. Eesh.

They look thrilled, don't they? If those dogs could see themselves in a mirror, they'd cry.

This isn't cute to me. I'd be ashamed to be seen out in public walking a dog that looked like these guys.

And look, the poodle got second place in the little fashion show. If he/she (I hope it's a she) looks that ridiculous and only got 2nd, I'd hate to see who got first place.

You know what just makes me crack up? Dogs and owners with matching clothes. How much money do those people spend on their dogs every year? That's scary to speculate.

Here's another unfortunate creature. Oh look, its ears are even in little pony tails! Isn't that kyoot?

Not only is the dog shaved like a little circus pony, they've got it dressed up like a Barbie doll.

Why does the dog have a hat on? She doesn't need a hat. She doesn't need the god-awful sweater, either.

Here's the whole matching thing. How ridiculous is that? The outfits are hideous anyway. The least they could do is put them in something less gaudy. Why do people think that looks good?

Animal clothes serve no purpose. I've even seen this lady on TV dress up her iguana. Now that's creepy.

I've noticed a lot of rich people especially like to dress their dogs up. *cough*Paris Hilton *cough*

Is it because they think it makes their dogs presentable? That it shows off their wealth? Well, it doesn't. I'm impressed when I see a nicely groomed, clean, and well behaved dog. That shows that they're well taken care of and looks 100% better than bows, dresses, and little shoes.

I'm not a little dog person. I'm partial to big dogs. But I still feel sorry for the little ones because they're the ones that are usually put through this humiliation. Maybe that's why they shake.

Dogs are not fashion statements. They don't need boots or sweaters. Let your dog be a dog. Keep the dresses off.

Your dog will thank you.

While we're on the subject of dogs, I've been contemplating my dream dog. I really, really, really want a German Shepherd, but I'm afraid of getting one from a bad breeder. You gotta be picky when you're looking for a Shepherd or you could get one that'll have tons of health problems later on. That's the only thing I'm worried about.

Ideally, my dog would look like this:
(That dog is gorgeous!) He'd be about 90-115 pounds, and I'd name him Drigon. (Dree-gan)

He'd go to the barn with me all the time. :)

I saw this little black female at the shelter a few months ago. I wanted to take her home so bad. :( I already have three dogs, though.

When I do get a dog like this, I'm getting him a collar like this:

Or something similar with small spikes. Or just studs with no spikes. I hate the ones that look like weapons. The spikes are like 4 inches long and the dog would be impaling people whenever he walked by. >.>

I'm gonna find out where that shepherd lives and steal him away. XD

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