"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stupid friggin morons.

I oughta skin this guy's ass into next week. That's a two-year-old QH gelding right there. Is that a sliding stop? It sure looks like one to me. Or at least a greenie version of one.

Here's what the ad says, my comments in white.

"Hawkeye has had a good start and is ready to go on with. (Sure. At the ripe age of two.) He has all the skills you would want in a two year old, without pushing him too hard. (Is he serious? Is this guy serious??? Without pushing him too hard? That's a baby for crying out loud! Get your ass off of him! Riding a 2yo at all is pushing them too hard, you dickweed.) He walks trots and lopes, side passes, backs easily, and stops hard. (WTF are you doing this on a 2-year-old for? That crap is way above his level!) He is unbeatable on a trail, rides in a group or by himself, anywhere in the pack. He is bred to cut or rein, but is athletic enough to do anything you teach him to do. He has been in the herd of cattle and shows potential there. " Yes, three or four years from now!

That horse is too young to have a rider on his back (much less a full sized adult!). WTF is he doing around cattle?? Have these people lost their marbles? These pictures scare me.

I can see arthritis in this horse's not-so-distant future.

Two is way too young to start a horse. Any horse, reguardless of breed. What makes people think it's okay to lope a two-year-old? What are they thinking?

Can I make my point any clearer? Am I emphasizing this enough? Keep your ass off your two-year-olds. It does them no good whatsoever.

I hate to imagine what this colt will be like in ten years. Crippled? That's a fair possibilty.

Once again we see that stupidity abounds. These morons need to go back to the basics. You wouldn't ask an eight year old kid to run hurdles, would you? Same concept applies.

The people who buy these horses are equally at fault. Here's something to mull around in the ol' noggin: Why don't you try using that vaccant space above your neck once in a while? Utilize what's left of your common sense. Two is too early. Don't buy 2yo's who are already broke. It's unconceivable why anybody would do that. Stop encouraging them. The horses will thank you.

If you catch someone on a baby, you have reasonable cause to wring his or her neck! I'm serious. Just chew their ass out to your heart's content. They deserve it.


  1. I agree with you. And don't even get me started on the OTTB I started riding when he was four. They used him for lessons because he was so good and quiet and jumped him into the ground. Now he's 12 or 13 and can hardly do a walk-trot lesson.

  2. That's the saddest thing. God, people make me angry. They just don't learn.