"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why the bloody hell are they breeding this horse? Why?

This 7 yo Appy mare is for sale with a baby at her side, going for $1,000.

The ad goes on and on about how nice a horse she is and how good she is with kids, she's got such a soft mouth, yadda yadda yadda. I understand that, and that's all fine and dandy if you just want a good ol' trail horse.

What I don't understand is the fact that they bred her. I don't care how nice a temperament she has if she has horrendous conformation. She has no hip whatsoever, her neck ties in weird and there's no chest definition. And that shoulder. That is a textbook example of a poorly conformed, upright shoulder. I bet riding her is like sitting on a jackhammer. She also looks like she might have worms, but that could also be due to the fact that she just had a baby. There's no excuse for those ribs, though. Did I mention those itty-bitty tiny feet? Yikes.

Her filly is supposed to be bred to some big time Quarter Horse stallion, but that doesn't do much good when the mare looks the way she does. It's hard to tell from the picture, but I can see that she's forward at the knee. Her legs are just crooked in general. I'd also be willing to bet that she's got a giraffe neck like her momma. But that's just a guess. Either way, those front legs are aweful.

I can't imagine what these people where thinking. They say she "has all the potential in the world". Are you kidding me? This mare is no athelete. She is not a performance horse. She's a train wreck. The ad also says she's high spirited and needs an experienced rider. That adds to the long list of negatives for her. Not good. You know where these horses could end up.

I don't see a nice future for these two. I could be and hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't look likely. Not many people are going to take in homely, high strung horses. Very sad state of affairs. I really hope these horses are bought by someone who will take care of them.


  1. Didn't you know that if it has a uterus, you must breed it?

    Besides, she gets extra points because she has a few spots!