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~Anna Sewell

Monday, January 26, 2009

Are there ANY good-looking Spotted Saddle Horses out there?

I can't find very many that are at least a little impressive. Most of them are icky-looking. However, I did find some pretty nice stallions.

This guy's pretty good-looking. Kind of TWH-ish, which is what they're supposed to look like, right? I'm no expert, but it's what they look like to me. These are some nice stallions.

So what's the excuse for breeding icky ones? I found some decent studs in all of 30 seconds while browsing google, so I know they're out there. However, if you look on Equine Hits, you'll find these ugly little llama-creatures that look nothing like the featured studs.

Maybe it's because gaited horses seem to be dolt magnets. Anyone with half a brain can ride a gaited horse. Therefor, these are the people that breed them. Looking at classifieds, most SSH's are elaborately colored but have shitty comformation. This goes back to color breeders. Color means nothing if the horse looks like it was put together with a bunch of leftover parts. But apparently that doesn't matter to them.

Like this critter. Ew. Bet you anything his sire and dam didn't resemble either of the two guys up top. He's got nothing to him. And his neck ties in weird. I don't get the attraction.

Granted, they might have smooth gaits, but the conformation... A lot of them are just ugly. There's no other way to put it. The palomino colt has no muscle tone. I hate boney shoulders. If he filled out it would help, but he's still not great. Even yearlings should have good muscle tone.

A lot of them have practically nonexistent hips (displayed in the bottom picture perfectly). And again, no muscle tone. You can't tell much about his head or neck from that picture.

There's no excuse for breeding ugly SSH's. So they come in pretty colors. Woop-dee-freakin-doo. Shame on you if you breed for color. Color means nothing in the big scheme of things. Conformation is everything. You can still have colored horses with good conformation.

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