"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Damn them Arkansas hillbillies...

This pathetic joke of a breeder seems to know she's breeding crap. Quoted from the ad, "quality of foal dictates the price."

Look at these creatures. They could pass for llamas. She knows her foals are mediocre at best, and she's still breeding them. She sees nothing wrong with it. HELL-O. Somebody whack her over the noggin with a 2 x 4! Shame on her!

People like her should not be allowed to reproduce. These horses are worth nothing. I don't care that they're foundation bred.

She seems to think being foundation bred is somehow special and amazing. Eesh.

I don't care if a horse goes back to Alydar if he or she looks like these foals. Bloodlines are only impressive if the foal has the looks and temperament to show it.

Apparently this 'breeder' is unaware of the auctions and packing plants that would be happy to take these horses off her hands.

Shall we run a comparison?

This is a good-looking little girl. She's sold, no surprise there. Are we seeing the conformation discrepancy? They're similar in age, yet the palomino here has good muscle tone, nice big hip, sloping shoulders, solid legs. A little short in the neck, but she's overall really nice. The ones above have none of those crucial attributes.

Emphasis on the hips and shoulders. One of my personal pet peeves. The horse must have muscular, round, filled out shoulders and hips. There's no excuse for breeding horses that look otherwise. None.

Did I mention the palomino's picture was taken much better? Yep. It really does make a difference. I know I preach this to no end, but I can't stress it enough. The palomino is squared up decent (one hind foot behind the other is acceptable) and the photographer has his/her back to the sun, making the horse look healthy, shiny, and overall well taken care of. The shadow should always be on the far side of the horse. Note that the top picture is exactly the opposite.

Am I emphasizing my point enough? Can I make it any clearer?


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