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~Anna Sewell

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jeez, why does everybody love those airhead horses?

Everybody seems to love Arabians. I don't see what people find so incredible about them. I understand they're one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world, and they helped shape most modern horse breeds.

Fine. That's all just peachy.

But the breed is not that great. They're all nuts, for the most part. Yes, yes, that's rich coming from someone who has a Thoroughbred. But you know what? Most TB's I know are pretty gentle and mindful, at least on the ground. Actually, Victor's the only one I know who's a butthead under saddle.

Arabians, on the other hand, think everything is out to get them. I go to pet that mare at my barn, and she jumps and jerks away, even though she knew I was there. She's always got this wide-eyed expression and she spooks at everything under the sun. When I lead her down the isle at feeding time, she's always like, "OMG! That bucket has teeth and claws! OMG! That kitten's gonna eat meee!!!"


This article makes them sound like the perfect horse. It fails to mention the fact that most Arabs have their heads screwed on wrong. That's kind of a big issue. The Arabic people were so morbidly obsessed with keeping the lines pure that they probably inbred a lot of them and that probably has a lot to do with their flakiness. Ick.

I'm a Warmblood person. I'm an Andalusian person. I also happen to like Fjords and Paints. They're generally pretty level-headed and sane. Unlike Arabs.

I haven't met an Arabian yet that I absolutely love. A couple that I'm fond of, but none that I really connect with. They're like the preps of the horse world. All looks and no charm. Or brains. Or common sense.

To me, this is a pretty horse:

Danish Warmbloods FTW! I luff them. I want one someday. I think after Victor, I'm not going to have any more Thoroughbreds. They're gorgeous, but too high-strung for me. Not as bad as Arabs, but Victor's a little quirky and unpredictable. Especially in the winter when he's cooped up and can't get much exercise. We had a horrible lesson yesterday. I can't wait for spring!!!

Back to the main topic. Warmbloods > Arabians.

I speak the truth.

Listen to me.

Your Lord and Master.

Psycho Raccoon.

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  1. There are Arabians out there with level heads! My Arabian is a perfect example of the breed at its best. Yes, a lot of them have a lot of get-up-and-go, but I prefer that to a lazy horse. My horse is not spooky. He's alert and has a lot of brains (sometimes too much!). All breeds have their problems, and a lot of people don't know how to handle Arabians correctly.