"Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it."

~Anna Sewell

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I think I can disprove Darwin.

People bitch and moan about the government being so corrupt (me being one of those people), and yet the general population of the human race is just as bad. Take anarchists for example. Do they think things over thoroughly? I think not. Did they bother to consider the chaos that would ensue if there was no authority? There would be no cops, no judges, no presidents, no senators, nothing. And I bet a bunch of people are going "What's this bitch talking about? That would be awesome! We could do whatever we want!"

Well, so would serial killers, arsonists, rapists, con artists, ghetto rats, and all the other scum of the earth. Awesome.

The world would be a terrible place without authority. Even our gov't is better than not having leaders at all. I'm not defending the government. Our founding fathers are turning in their graves right now.

Even in the natural world, there is authority, pecking orders, social boundaries and expectations, and responsibilities. I.E. Lions, elephants, horses, wolves, hyenas, ants, bees, any animal that lives in a group, with the exception of bats, sugar gliders, parakeets, etc. Wild horses, for instance, have complex systems of authority. The lead mare is the one who calls the shots, not the band stallion. The stallion is the protector. The other mares each have a place in the heard under the two leaders. Will a yearling colt cross the lead mare? Sure. Once.

So you see how that works out. Humans are the same way. We need leaders. But not according to anarchists. Intelligent design? You decide for yourself. If that's really true, evolution has a long way to go.

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