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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friesian "sporthorses"...

I don't know about you, but I keep seeing a lot of Friesian crosses and they're not all that pretty. I'm thinking there are people with these pintabiawalkaloosa mares who breed them to Friesian stallions simply to be able to brag about having a Friesian sporthorse.

Breeding a Friesian stallion to your old broodmare does not automatically earn you bragging rights. Just because the colt's sire is a Friesian does not mean he'll be pretty. The mare is just as important. And to all the Friesian owners, Why are you breeding your stallions out to these kinds of mares? As rare as Friesians are, wouldn't you want to keep the lines pure? I don't know about you, but most FS's are just not pretty.

They boast that this Friesian X is champagne colored. Is that a fancy word for mud colored? A champagne colored horse would be like a red dun. That horse ain't red dun. Not trying to be mean, just voicing my opinion. I don't think he's that great.

These are not good-looking horses to me. They just look out of proportion, like they were stuck together with a bunch of leftover parts.

This unfortunate-looking critter is going for 3 1/2 grand. Sellers boast "excellent confirmation and good substance." And this was the most flattering of the pictures.

They need to go back to conformation clinic 101.

Now, there are some really nice looking FS's out there. They're the minority, but they're out there. Take Fagan for example. He's to die for. ;D Like I said before, I'd totally buy him if I could.

And for those unbelievabley lucky people who own Friesian stallions, please be selective about who you breed him to. For those of you who whore your stud out to anyone who can pony up the doe, knock it off! Being picky is worth it. It's more profitable and economical to produce a few exceptional foals a year than make tons of yucky ones that look like they could end up in a feedlot. Not that breeding for profit is very respectable in my books. I really hope you seriously put thought into the horses you breed and care about the foals. If not, throw yourself in front of a bus. Thank you.

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