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~Anna Sewell

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Designer breeds...? Or stock trailer candidates?

Backyard breeding seems to be at an all time high, at least from my observations. There are no official studies done on the breeding rates of grade/backyard/cross bred horses, so I'm going by what I'm seeing. I find it sickening to hear that the breeding of these kinds of unfortunate horses is supposedly going to increase.

This doesn't sit right with me. Even more so because the breeding of AQHA, APHA, and other such horses has decreased by almost half since 2000. That means the equine gene pool has been narrowed down as well. Not good. So how is it that icky horses are being bred like bunny rabbits?

Because it's easier than ever for anyone to acquire a horse these days. With a steady stream of horses in auctions going for $25 a piece, more and more people are getting half-starved, poorly conformed horses that shouldn't have even been bred in the first place. Now the shithead that bought one of these horses thinks it would be a good idea to breed it to the neighbor's horse.

11 months go by, and bingo! Another poorly conformed, icky looking horse that would most likely end up at auction. The cycle continues. As I've said before, breeding should require a license.

Another thing. These so-called "designer breeds". I'm scratching my head on this one. Okay, so you breed your Appy stallion to your friend's Arabian mare and you call the baby an Apparabian?

That's like crossing a Pekingnese and a Poodle and calling it a Pekanoodle. It's not a new breed, it's a mutt. I wouldn't even consider it a breed at all. Pintabians, Walkaloosas, Pintaloosas, you name it. If the two names can be mushed together, people will cross them. It's annoying as hell.

Here's a Walkaloosa. Wow. That is one kickass designer horse. Not.

Why cross the two breeds? They're beautiful when they're purebred. It's bad enough creating mutts from mutts. Now people have to create mutts with purebreds.

Do they want straight-shouldered, hipless, short-necked horses? What possessed people to do this kind of thing?

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed Friesian crosses. You can't just breed a random mare to a Friesian stallion and call it a Friesian sporthorse. That's not how it works. Friesian crosses usually only turn out nice if they're crossed with a warmblood type (or better yet, just other Friesians). Having a Friesian x Thoroughbred does not make him a sporthorse. It's not impressive. The two breeds do not go well together. It's like crossing a Belgian with an Arabian. That doesn't paint a pretty picture.

Pure breeds FTW. Stop breeding mutts. Especially in this economy. Shame on you.

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  1. You seem to dislike cross breedings. Especially involving Arabians. (Pintabian, Apparabian, etc.) Well, not all of them are bad. A very gorgeous case in point is this one.


    Their entire farm gorgeous horses. Long of it is, there's more quality breeders than backyard breeders now especially with the economy and because spca and other groups like peta and humance societies all over the USA are cracking down on illicit breeders. Around my area good horses with good conformation are going reasonably priced, hardly any over $10,000 maybe you should move to Oregon.